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Henry Huynh

Every moment of training and everything that I wanted to do was expressed in that small time period of that firefight. It was so exciting, It wasn’t scary at all because I had tunnel vision. I had so much adrenaline going.
- Henry Huynh (right), U.S. Marine Corps, Corporal, E-4

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Jose Angel Landin

Our battalion, we lost a lot of guys, but the area was just horrible…. Pretty much the unit from the movie, Restrepo, it’s like being a kid and throwing a lot of rocks at a bee hive and then leaving and letting your friends walk into it after its been broken up….
- Jose Angel Landin, U.S. Army, Sergeant, E-5

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Josh Yates

On a daily basis I would try to just live hand to mouth. Just get my job done…. I thought we were doing good over there. I thought we were re-building the country. The longer I was over there, like “What the hell are we doing here?”
- Josh Yates, U.S. Marine Corps, Sergeant, E-5

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Jacob Pelroy

I’m glad I did it and I’m glad it’s over. No regrets. I knew exactly what I was getting into.... I don’t like to hear, “Oh, I’m sorry you had to go through that.” Well, I’m sorry you have that opinion. I’m fine.
- Jacob Pelroy, U.S. Marine Corps, Sergeant, E-5

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